I Deny -Bond Of Separation

On the red rose, I wroteA man’s sacrifice storyAnd through my vocals and throatI distributed it in my assembly. I rearranged the melody,I rediscovered the aftermathRe-appealed my pastBut couldn’t reimpose the reprimand. A petal broke whenI headed towards the endThe stem bent down whenI imagined your bloodshed trend. The suddenness of my wordsLed to the … Continue reading »I Deny -Bond Of Separation

‘Wealth’ Defined

“It’s because all I know is wealthand none else,”The quote that feedsmost of our ambitions to workYet you know that you arenever much close to infinitewealth, sometimes you surrenderyour good health. What if I’d be none ofan educated person,a creative writer,an active listener,a firm believer,always a trip-maker,a polite human,a generous SikhWould you still have faithOn … Continue reading »‘Wealth’ Defined

Change is evident!

Unknown citiesEmpty afternoonsBig buildingsVacant cornersMake a day. Here is shineNon-setting lightOutside there is darkYou are alone. The journey is unknownWhy would you stop?When there is an unknown crazeAmong other creatures toSubdue a human. If human stopsHe gets consumedThose who consume himare a little wiserOnly you have toBrighten your waywith your resistance toall types of stoppagesThe … Continue reading »Change is evident!

A Navy Of Roses!

A deadly speaker climbed onto the dying stage, Many sages formed a bond of love, One and the other adoring the majestic, Until he flew, a blade ripped. “My god! Oh! God.” was echoed over there, But with silence in one’s ear, Who could dare to take that call? It was the biggest solemn doubt of … Continue reading »A Navy Of Roses!

Power of a “No” (Published at Masticadores India)

I am happy to announce that my poem Power of a “No” is featured at MasticadoresIndia. I would love to acknowledge Terveen Gill and the team at MasticadoresIndia for their support throughout. Often I see“yes” accomplishes the trickBe it in a love-proposeOr be it in hiring. Advancing to the next stageHow often do you seeThat … Continue reading »Power of a “No” (Published at Masticadores India)

Attitude of your soul

When it endsIt will not compromisethat you did devotea whole lot of spiritinto it, It will endsomewhere near tonothing, then you willhave to restart andrebuild yourselfMaybe not to apoint you earlierreached, but ata worthy notethat you possessthe right qualitiesherein to reacha potentially saferspot and a moreadmiring placethen you wereever before. But keep in mindthat it … Continue reading »Attitude of your soul

My Fragrance of love

Of oceans and miles, you goI love to be around youMy fragrance is hiddenBut I do never Bind you. The steps you takeon your ownI’ll never interfereBut the ones you selectby asking meI would ratheron your esteemed wayschedule a proper repair. I’m no kind of personWho’ll interrupt your lousy moodI won’t come to cheer you … Continue reading »My Fragrance of love

A Girl like her

It often suggestsBy bathing treesThat God is delightedand asking to please. She often leftHer handkerchiefAt the table, as we metOn sturdy beliefs. God summoned herAnd she went to prayShe never stoppedWhen it was her day. She met alongWhen she was youngShe always spokeLike she only knew. She was glad to findHer friends are in troubleWhen … Continue reading »A Girl like her

Power of a “No”

Often I see“yes” accomplishes the trickBe it in a love-proposeOr be it in hiring. Advancing to the next stageHow often do you seeThat “No” decidesthe outcome? If it’s a rainy dayThe Uber bike driverearns not a single pennyhaving no bookingsFor the day. Does he quit?“No”, he won’t. Then, moving to the jungleNot frequently, do we … Continue reading »Power of a “No”

To Someone Special

If I were selfish,Would you be mine?If I cross the limits,Would you not mind?If I may enter the red zoneWould I be thine?If I say unpleasant,Would you take my present?If I may seek another,Would you still be the other?If I may find treasureto Leave you to claim all,Would you still make a call?If I may … Continue reading »To Someone Special