The Exile Way –Bond of Separation

My Exile!

It’s been a while
I’ve been in exile
Oh, my! Oh, my!

My beloved says:
“It’s been so days
Oh, please return! Let you govern!”

So, my word is:
“Go get the cops! Go get the cops!
And ban my shops! And ban my shops!”

I’ve done no wrong
To sing a song
Why Exile? Why Exile?

A student was
In love for a cause,
of Beauty! Beauty!

My father-in-law
takes me to the law
Punishment! Aha! meant!

Now, my word is:
“Go get the cops! Go get the cops!
I’m making a return! It’s your turn!”

To my beloved:
“Let you see the red
Let you look at the red
Rose & blood. Rose & blood!

We both are on different routes, but internally we are connected and united. Apart from the fact that I live in exile.
Our ways parted, but we unite.

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