A Girl like her

She is simply adorable!

It often suggests
By bathing trees
That God is delighted
and asking to please.

She often left
Her handkerchief
At the table, as we met
On sturdy beliefs.

God summoned her
And she went to pray
She never stopped
When it was her day.

She met along
When she was young
She always spoke
Like she only knew.

She was glad to find
Her friends are in trouble
When she supposed
She was their mistress.

She had a bunch of them
But walked with two,
One boy, of course
And one girl, along she grew.

When she met me
one day
She asked me
The trickiest clue.
What might be the
Only thing
As she smiles,
All along the day.

I answered her
Might it be
getting the surprise
visit from loved ones.

She told me wrong
And instead took me along
“The outshining weather
The rainy day”.

I liked this thing
A constructive trait
But it taught me
That one cannot procure
The pleasure of her
To smile, of course
Throughout the day.

As it suggests
She is different
Like she sporadically
shows pleasure
like that in summer
God seldom showers
On diligent working
Poor people.

So, she is a master
Whom you can’t master,
And the master of her own will.
So, she can be idolized by
Such people who hand out
the surety of happiness to
Their beloved ones.

As such, she may
choose to be the bride
Of the one who gives
Her the bliss of rain
Entity throughout living,
No matter whosoever
has a soft piece of heart
For a girl like her.

For a girl like her, because all I need is love.
Because All I need is love.

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