My Fragrance of love

Of oceans and miles, you go
I love to be around you
My fragrance is hidden
But I do never Bind you.

The steps you take
on your own
I’ll never interfere
But the ones you select
by asking me
I would rather
on your esteemed way
schedule a proper repair.

I’m no kind of person
Who’ll interrupt your lousy mood
I won’t come to cheer you up
Instead, I’ll leave you on your own
To drive you to think of
where that mistake was
Indeed, mine or yours or our poisons

You know there’s always
an up and down
throughout the month
Maybe for a few days, you smile
Perhaps because of some reasons
For a few times, you weep.
As I told you, I won’t come to
cause you relive that fight we had
But I vow you
I’ll never let you mourn for long.

I will not wander supermarkets
day in and out,
but I affirm you I will not let
a single thing missed on our list
to make you feel the comfort
into my home, with every second
that passes & every hour
that you desire to spend
with me all alone.

Moreover, You’ll be the person
that I will have
to only note that
You are never mine
and ever mine as
per your desires.
I’ll make you inhale in
a loose breath
every time you think
that they struck us
somewhere in life.
I’ll make sure I inhale out
for you as your breath will
carry strong pillars of my strength
Even the most horrific day
if we see, you’ll only breathe in
the event, I’ll make it resolved
and sigh out the same
to hope for a better tomorrow
time and again, hands joined
to the lord, our bond will never break.

My fragrance throughout the thick and thins.
Throughout the thick and thins.

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