Oh! On the Opposite Side!

On the opposite side.
I need to check, am I heading in the right direction?

I was walking down the street
I calmly rested for a while
The inner of me was thirsty
While my outer self was in a hurry.

But the distance to cover was a good thousand miles
Then I waited for someone to arrive
Within my way
Alas, I couldn’t find even
As my hair turned from black to grey.

After good 30-odd years of walking
I noticed that maybe I left my home late
As my destination was even far as
Even my dull fate.

Then, climbing the mountain’s rough track
And crossing the upbeat river
I just imagined I was reaching there
My god, there was no way ahead.

Even Google Maps were showing,
“That distance was still a few miles.”
But, Alas! I realized
From the beginning, I followed the opposite side.

Cross the undefined way.

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