‘Wealth’ Defined

My aim is simple, that is to create wealth!
My aim is simple, that is to create wealth!

“It’s because all I know is wealth
and none else,”
The quote that feeds
most of our ambitions to work
Yet you know that you are
never much close to infinite
wealth, sometimes you surrender
your good health.

What if I’d be none of
an educated person,
a creative writer,
an active listener,
a firm believer,
always a trip-maker,
a polite human,
a generous Sikh
Would you still have faith
On my wealth?
Would you be a father
and hand over your daughter to me for life?
Would you being a brother
Even may you like to call me one?
Would you being a sister
Call me at your family functions?
Just because I have a wealth
But not any distinct personality trait.

Wealth is as easy for some,
For some, it comes as harsh
as in a lifetime.
Well, if it is as at ease to me,
Maybe I would have rested myself
For life, or would have got imprisoned
for using it unlawfully.
But, unfortunately
None of the above two scenarios
would have made me respected
In society, It will only possibly be
“When all I know is improving
Myself every moment and
enjoy what work I do every day,
Upon working hard along with
my hard-earned traits,
would earn me actual wealth.
That is not by far monetary
wealth but indeed social wealth.”

Also, as proposed by Maslow
In his theory of “hierarchy of needs,”
Wealth is merely a means
To fulfill the needs,
But honestly, we live, by
and along with society at large

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