Oh! On the Opposite Side!

I was walking down the streetI calmly rested for a whileThe inner of me was thirstyWhile my outer self was in a hurry. But the distance to cover was a good thousand milesThen I waited for someone to arriveWithin my wayAlas, I couldn’t find evenAs my hair turned from black to grey. After good 30-odd … Continue reading »Oh! On the Opposite Side!

An Easy Path

The day is goneMidnight has taken overIt is easier to lie downTo lie off our duties. To finish off the dayI would passably question myselfHow good it was,was it as expected?Or had the lord overruled me? My night will always beAsking questions that will possibly Lay good foundationThe next morning. My heart beats for my … Continue reading »An Easy Path

I Believe in You

You are the belief that once born You are the dream once grown You are the hope once admired You are the journey you once imagined. You are the paper once empty You are the lotus once filthy You are the gold once hammered You are the metal once convoy. You are the bottle once … Continue reading »I Believe in You

You are Unstoppable!

It’s when you desire, when you know, and when you make up your mind. The time comes to set a goal and avoid a mistake of the previous kind. Obstacles come your way, Step over them and rewind. It’s the best path to find a way, To get to the place defined. When obstacles are … Continue reading »You are Unstoppable!

The Tranquil Sparrow!

I make my house myself,To keep my children safe,I go around the day,To collect rare foods. I leave my bed at dawn,And lay back in bed at dusk,Some good people feed me,rest, I keep on wandering and eating. But you know I chirp a bare,unlike the other birds,I don’t have the strength to oppose,The irritating … Continue reading »The Tranquil Sparrow!

Off I Go, You Wild Wind!

It is summer around the cornertelling the truths that winters lied aboutHaving sun just seemed a brief fantasyNow, otherwise, it will just roast us and shout. I never believed that miracles happenBut it so happens when god is aroundAnd you know He’s just immersedinto this doom-shaped body and everything it surrounds. A no-man land I … Continue reading »Off I Go, You Wild Wind!

‘Wealth’ Defined

“It’s because all I know is wealthand none else,”The quote that feedsmost of our ambitions to workYet you know that you arenever much close to infinitewealth, sometimes you surrenderyour good health. What if I’d be none ofan educated person,a creative writer,an active listener,a firm believer,always a trip-maker,a polite human,a generous SikhWould you still have faithOn … Continue reading »‘Wealth’ Defined

Change is evident!

Unknown citiesEmpty afternoonsBig buildingsVacant cornersMake a day. Here is shineNon-setting lightOutside there is darkYou are alone. The journey is unknownWhy would you stop?When there is an unknown crazeAmong other creatures toSubdue a human. If human stopsHe gets consumedThose who consume himare a little wiserOnly you have toBrighten your waywith your resistance toall types of stoppagesThe … Continue reading »Change is evident!

A Navy Of Roses!

A deadly speaker climbed onto the dying stage, Many sages formed a bond of love, One and the other adoring the majestic, Until he flew, a blade ripped. “My god! Oh! God.” was echoed over there, But with silence in one’s ear, Who could dare to take that call? It was the biggest solemn doubt of … Continue reading »A Navy Of Roses!

Attitude of your soul

When it endsIt will not compromisethat you did devotea whole lot of spiritinto it, It will endsomewhere near tonothing, then you willhave to restart andrebuild yourselfMaybe not to apoint you earlierreached, but ata worthy notethat you possessthe right qualitiesherein to reacha potentially saferspot and a moreadmiring placethen you wereever before. But keep in mindthat it … Continue reading »Attitude of your soul