Oh! On the Opposite Side!

I was walking down the streetI calmly rested for a whileThe inner of me was thirstyWhile my outer self was in a hurry. But the distance to cover was a good thousand milesThen I waited for someone to arriveWithin my wayAlas, I couldn’t find evenAs my hair turned from black to grey. After good 30-odd … Continue reading »Oh! On the Opposite Side!

Have a Great Sleep!

I say, “If you dare to dream,You will have to sleep!” I open the door,For the lord to comeI open the doorFor my love to comeI enjoy the beautyOf this crop to reapI often sleepTo lessen my worries heap But It makes me sometimesMore concerned with the ordinarypoor lads who seldom sleepWho do not have … Continue reading »Have a Great Sleep!

Where Did I Fall?

I dreamt of you today, You were close to me, You were asking for something, But I could not hear. I waited for someone, To pass on your words to me, But there was no one, An absolute none except you. I joined my hands and prayed, “Oh lord! Why is she desperate to Tell … Continue reading »Where Did I Fall?

My Salute to My Love -Bond Of Separation

Hey, listen!You wounded wavesI would present thine the praiseYou aren’t the ocean baysYou are my wondrous face. I step on the sandy paths,Sign on Sabina’s phrase“Halt my motion forwardingOr instead, colour my distant chase.“ Sabina darling! Take my bowYou are so colossal and yet hollowPossessing the beauty of lady fernLet me sink into your wounded … Continue reading »My Salute to My Love -Bond Of Separation

The Tranquil Sparrow!

I make my house myself,To keep my children safe,I go around the day,To collect rare foods. I leave my bed at dawn,And lay back in bed at dusk,Some good people feed me,rest, I keep on wandering and eating. But you know I chirp a bare,unlike the other birds,I don’t have the strength to oppose,The irritating … Continue reading »The Tranquil Sparrow!

I Deny -Bond Of Separation

On the red rose, I wroteA man’s sacrifice storyAnd through my vocals and throatI distributed it in my assembly. I rearranged the melody,I rediscovered the aftermathRe-appealed my pastBut couldn’t reimpose the reprimand. A petal broke whenI headed towards the endThe stem bent down whenI imagined your bloodshed trend. The suddenness of my wordsLed to the … Continue reading »I Deny -Bond Of Separation

My Departure –Bond of Separation

Make yourself surrenderOr I will make no place for you to rendermake your words a stoneOr you will weigh no stone. Make your temper a briefOr you will land in griefAsk my blood to dropElse there is never hope. Let me shine in the graveLet me be your braveLet me find a way to the … Continue reading »My Departure –Bond of Separation

The Exile Way –Bond of Separation

It’s been a whileI’ve been in exileOh, my! Oh, my! My beloved says:“It’s been so daysOh, please return! Let you govern!” So, my word is:“Go get the cops! Go get the cops!And ban my shops! And ban my shops!” I’ve done no wrongTo sing a songWhy Exile? Why Exile? A student wasIn love for a … Continue reading »The Exile Way –Bond of Separation

It’s Because It has ended

The green-aged treeshave never said a wordDeep down the roada tiger roars.It’s because it has ended. It started years agoOver the red bricksthere used to be a family of fourIt was all collecteduntil they tore apartA girl of their rootsalways believedthat she cared for the boynot the one she loved from the incidentbut the one … Continue reading »It’s Because It has ended