My Fragrance of love

Of oceans and miles, you goI love to be around youMy fragrance is hiddenBut I do never Bind you. The steps you takeon your ownI’ll never interfereBut the ones you selectby asking meI would ratheron your esteemed wayschedule a proper repair. I’m no kind of personWho’ll interrupt your lousy moodI won’t come to cheer you … Continue reading »My Fragrance of love

A Girl like her

It often suggestsBy bathing treesThat God is delightedand asking to please. She often leftHer handkerchiefAt the table, as we metOn sturdy beliefs. God summoned herAnd she went to prayShe never stoppedWhen it was her day. She met alongWhen she was youngShe always spokeLike she only knew. She was glad to findHer friends are in troubleWhen … Continue reading »A Girl like her