Off I Go, You Wild Wind!

The powerful and wild wind.
I salute your power, but do all of us?

It is summer around the corner
telling the truths that winters lied about
Having sun just seemed a brief fantasy
Now, otherwise, it will just roast us and shout.

I never believed that miracles happen
But it so happens when god is around
And you know He’s just immersed
into this doom-shaped body and everything it surrounds.

A no-man land I saw on TV, do you even think he’s not there?
Do you indeed think, ghosts rule that place?
Do you even think, It’s the no better fare?

I doubt and shout, and I put forth
My opinion and belief in my roots
That wherever there is a tiny atom,
There can but nothing to be it without the lord.

When you look, at a cat fighting a dog
I know it would be rare
But in most cases, it does for its kitten
Look at the intrepidity, it bears.

When you look, at a tree cut down
Or a flower petal being tipped off
Or Potatoes being collected for sale
don’t you feel they had lives like ours?
If vegans don’t feed the flesh, Do you feel they don’t consume bodies?

You know, nature and
The bounties it shares
Are way supremer than a man’s power
A man tries to call himself the ruler
But he merely cannot re-create this world.

To give just a minor piece of evidence of this
What if they followed winters by
a week-long wild wind?
How long do the most commanding persons sustain?
At least they will have to bear the repercussions
Of a long-time hubris, that man has put in the pocket
and the vivid anguish of the supreme lord.

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