Feelings make way for deeds!

I feel I should be there for them
I feel I should be there for them!

I make no point when I feel

I just feel so much pain

Sometimes, when I see a kid

begging with torn clothes,

I feel a great attachment to that lad

Because one lord created us all

And we all have a responsibility to get cared for.

Sporadically when I look at a dog

having a broken leg that could barely walk,

I hold immense love for that speechless being.

I try to work out anything to cure itself.

Feelings that you have for someone,

On a positive note, will make you a

Superhuman, yet we don’t see them in this modern world.

But what if I disliked the kid who begged?

for his existence and what if I even troubled

The speechless dog after seeing him?

Would they pray for my good?

To the divine lord.

So, In other words,

I had been no less than a demon,

Yet we don’t see them either

In this contemporary world.

But, you understand that my feelings

would carry me the prestige of superhuman

Or they would deteriorate my human status

To an inebriated beast.

So, I believe only if I control my odds

and feel for a subordinate. It will eventually

deliver prosperity to the journey of my life.

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