Power of a “No”

Often I see
“yes” accomplishes the trick
Be it in a love-propose
Or be it in hiring.

Advancing to the next stage
How often do you see
That “No” decides
the outcome?

If it’s a rainy day
The Uber bike driver
earns not a single penny
having no bookings
For the day. Does he quit?
“No”, he won’t.

Then moving to the jungle
Not frequently, do we see?
A deer outpaces the leopard
to save its life
and evades
the latter’s claws. Does he quit?
“No”, he won’t.

Realize that devastating heat
and a bricklayer carrying
dozens of bricks
onto his head. Does he quit?
“No”, he won’t.

And when I compare
All these to a believer
Bearing awkward pain
each day in and out
Receiving tons of “No’s”
For his offers
From his clients
And as and when the
time passes by
I find him to be
an inspiration for others
for the attitude with which
he tackled a “no”
and converted that into
his preeminent triumph.

This is how you know
that a “no” is
the ultimate gift
you can get
to fast-track yourself
in unlocking the
full potential in you
and to receive
an unmatched success.

It will only prosper if you face turbulence. Thus, a no decides the outcome.
It will only prosper if you face the turbulence.

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