Change is evident!

Unknown citiesEmpty afternoonsBig buildingsVacant cornersMake a day. Here is shineNon-setting lightOutside there is darkYou are alone. The journey is unknownWhy would you stop?When there is an unknown crazeAmong other creatures toSubdue a human. If human stopsHe gets consumedThose who consume himare a little wiserOnly you have toBrighten your waywith your resistance toall types of stoppagesThe … Continue reading »Change is evident!

A Navy Of Roses!

A deadly speaker climbed onto the dying stage, Many sages formed a bond of love, One and the other adoring the majestic, Until he flew, a blade ripped. “My god! Oh! God.” was echoed over there, But with silence in one’s ear, Who could dare to take that call? It was the biggest solemn doubt of … Continue reading »A Navy Of Roses!

Power of a “No” (Published at Masticadores India)

I am happy to announce that my poem Power of a “No” is featured at MasticadoresIndia. I would love to acknowledge Terveen Gill and the team at MasticadoresIndia for their support throughout. Often I see“yes” accomplishes the trickBe it in a love-proposeOr be it in hiring. Advancing to the next stageHow often do you seeThat … Continue reading »Power of a “No” (Published at Masticadores India)

My Departure –Bond of Separation

Make yourself surrenderOr I will make no place for you to rendermake your words a stoneOr you will weigh no stone. Make your temper a briefOr you will land in griefAsk my blood to dropElse there is never hope. Let me shine in the graveLet me be your braveLet me find a way to the … Continue reading »My Departure –Bond of Separation

It’s Because It has ended

The green-aged treeshave never said a wordDeep down the roada tiger roars.It’s because it has ended. It started years agoOver the red bricksthere used to be a family of fourIt was all collecteduntil they tore apartA girl of their rootsalways believedthat she cared for the boynot the one she loved from the incidentbut the one … Continue reading »It’s Because It has ended