Flowers have reasons

“You owe me a hundred rupees,”She told me while on call,I replied “for a fairy reason,Might it be?”She said, “of course, I’m a fairy, but not for such a good reason.”She insisted, “we might be couples tomorrow,”“But who knows whether we say goodbye today only? ”I replied, “true, but what do you mean to convey?”She … Continue reading »Flowers have reasons

To Someone Special

If I were selfish,Would you be mine?If I cross the limits,Would you not mind?If I may enter the red zoneWould I be thine?If I say unpleasant,Would you take my present?If I may seek another,Would you still be the other?If I may find treasureto Leave you to claim all,Would you still make a call?If I may … Continue reading »To Someone Special