Attitude of your soul

Attitude of your soul

When it ends
It will not compromise
that you did devote
a whole lot of spirit
into it, It will end
somewhere near to
nothing, then you will
have to restart and
rebuild yourself
Maybe not to a
point you earlier
reached, but at
a worthy note
that you possess
the right qualities
herein to reach
a potentially safer
spot and a more
admiring place
then you were
ever before.

But keep in mind
that it will happen
slowly and gradually
don’t lose patience
don’t lose hope
and build every day
a fresh scope
and a fresh vision
maybe even the last
night dream would
have disturbed your focus
don’t let that happen.
With a fresh day
make it a fresher start
remember your mistakes
and revise your path
keep your goal
intact & once you
achieve that, aim for
a bigger one.
But remember when
it ends near to nothing
you’ll always have to
restart, so be grateful
to god for any step you
choose to take and that
went into a progress
because ultimately your
strings are only
under the fingers
of the supreme lord.
If he only pities you
for your diligence
only then you maintain
a great lifestyle
and make never
to quit motto
a robust attitude
of your soul.

It never ends until the mind is intact
It never ends until the mind is intact

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