I Believe in You

I believe in You
I believe that I can

You are the belief that once born

You are the dream once grown

You are the hope once admired

You are the journey you once imagined.

You are the paper once empty

You are the lotus once filthy

You are the gold once hammered

You are the metal once convoy.

You are the bottle once expensive

You are the knight once castled

You are the pigeon once barred

You are the kite once lost.

You are the wisdom once the folly

You are the earth once scary

You are the matchstick once unburnt

You are the picture once burnt.

You are what you were not

You are what you desire to be, one

You are the simplest yet witty

You are the human having the most senses.

You are the drop of a water

You are the sparkle of a mighty fire

You are the imagined person

With unimagined deeds and creations.

You are never at the bottom

Even If you had nothing,

you’d be having love

You’d be having patience,

You’d be having dove.

You are the most sincere

Yet you’ll not find much support

You are the most honest

Yet you’ll not win most of ’ems trust.

You will need to choose your cards

By yourself; otherwise, they’ll crash

into someone’s journey and be malign

You will need to work on the chosen cards

Even if they don’t prove to be winning

Yours all the above traits and ambitions

It will make your path winning and true.

I belief That I can do

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