An Easy Path

To find easy you will have to surpass the difficult.
To find easy you will have to surpass the difficult.

The day is gone
Midnight has taken over
It is easier to lie down
To lie off our duties.

To finish off the day
I would passably question myself
How good it was,
was it as expected?
Or had the lord overruled me?

My night will always be
Asking questions that will possibly
Lay good foundation
The next morning.

My heart beats for my lady
And all my family’s elegant faces
My whole day’s tiredness
I laid off by attending to my smiling daughter
My bitter experiences of the day
are nullified by observing my relaxed father
All mine goals seem closer to me
When I ask my mother,
“Do I serve you a meal? You must be hungry.”
I thank god for all the obstacles
That he laid forth in my path,
I miss my family always
By my heart and soul
When I’m not with them
And it motivates me to
Take the best step forward
That will bring them
An Iota of more joy
seeing their faces
I get satisfied
From my journey in life.

However, whatever it is,
I try to capture the rocks
And win over the rough phase of life
To reach and serve me
The ultimate stage of an easy path address.

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