Flowers have reasons

To you I'm grateful!
To you I’m grateful!

“You owe me a hundred rupees,”
She told me while on call,
I replied “for a fairy reason,
Might it be?”
She said, “of course, I’m a fairy, but not for such a good reason.”
She insisted, “we might be couples tomorrow,”
“But who knows whether we say goodbye today only? ”
I replied, “true, but what do you mean to convey?”
She reminded me, “You were looking deep black that day.”
I responded, “Yup, but only I wore black clothes. That doesn’t mean I was black.”
“That is why I like you,” she smiled.
“Hope, I am good going as per your expectations,” I asserted.
She said, “I reserve all the right to get upset with you.”
I was worried, “but why should you be?”
She said, “you should have asked instead what you should have done to refresh my mood and re-energize myself with you.”
I asked, “Okay, tell me?”
She smiled and concluded, “Flowers have all the reasons to build relationships and keep them intact throughout.”
I realized, “Oh, my bad! I must have gifted you a bunch of flowers in each meeting with you.”
She laughed and said, “Worth a hundred in each meeting. Be sure,”
I nodded. “As you say, my goddess, I’m committed to this from now on.”

We shall be together forever!

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