Farewell -Bond of Separation

We are not finished just separated, Farewell!
We are not finished just separated, Farewell!

Hey, shout! my dear

      For the villain's cheer,
      My rose has fallen,
      Over here.
      I descend the steps,
      To take you there,
      But over here,
      You will find a mare.
      A mare will,
      Though represent,
      Tend to be a deadly fare.
      Hey, shout! my dear,
      Though not shout,
      For you will make,
      A sudden-ed pout.
      My soul will though remain,
      Not with you, I ascertain,
      It will rest in the peace of yours,
      The wider you spread,
      You may make it browse,
      But with peace I claim,
      For the sake of Karan's name.

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