Where Did I Fall?

Don't let me fall!

Don’t let me fall!

I dreamt of you today,

You were close to me,

You were asking for something,

But I could not hear.

I waited for someone,

To pass on your words to me,

But there was no one,

An absolute none except you.

I joined my hands

and prayed,

“Oh lord! Why is she desperate to

Tell me something,

Which I’m not able to hear.

Assist me, oh divine,

All powers supreme!”

You suddenly started crying,

I waited there like a dog at the door,

You could not feed me,

As I could not understand you as well.

But we both saw each other,

Not letting our eyes off,

Not letting our expressions drop,

Not letting our ears stop.

Alas! You weren’t helped

And so was I,

There was no one around,


You started showing me pictures,

Now, I could understand a little,

You were, I assume, asking me to

Come back home.

But I was beside you,

Then, what was your misery?

I wondered,

Then I realized you started beating me up

and I wasn’t feeling any pain.

I didn’t have this feeling ever before,

I didn’t know that I wasn’t there with you

At this moment,

And I could only see you through

my heart,

I could not listen to you

But see the pictures you were showing,

Through my internal soul

The latter was not

Physically present inside my flesh and bones,

I realized I wasn’t there.

But I couldn’t realize

Where did I fall that day

That caused this fate

For both of us.

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