It’s Because It has ended

But how has it ended altogether?
But how has it ended altogether?

The green-aged trees
have never said a word
Deep down the road
a tiger roars.
It’s because it has ended.

It started years ago
Over the red bricks
there used to be a family of four
It was all collected
until they tore apart
A girl of their roots
always believed
that she cared for the boy
not the one she loved from the incident
but the one whom she played with
since the time he was born.

One lucky day
It was her birthday, and he was far from here,
she cried all night
as she remembered what he last said to her,
“you are the one for whom I breathe,”
It was not about he had been away
It was about the promise
that he would never leave her alone.
The girl was in her teens
but still very aspiring to fulfil his dream
the dream he once expressed her
that he will treat the poor with medicines
She started staring at the clock
and went on seeking for ten minutes
a phone bell rang
she picked up the phone; she learnt
that “It has ended.”
She asked while sobbing.
“But how? Where is he?”
The other person became silent,
she went on asking and crying, but she received no response
Alas! Her birthday was not as good as even the previous day.

He rose from his bed
and found someone in his room
and the phone is running.
A girl is weeping on the receiver’s point
He ran to the phone
but fell to the ground
with blood taking over the floor of the chamber.
Alas! She never noticed
that It did not end until
the time she received the call
but now,
It has ended.

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