To Someone Special

Let's find someone special.
Let’s find someone special!

If I were selfish,
Would you be mine?
If I cross the limits,
Would you not mind?
If I may enter the red zone
Would I be thine?
If I say unpleasant,
Would you take my present?
If I may seek another,
Would you still be the other?
If I may find treasure
to Leave you to claim all,
Would you still make a call?
If I may enter the woods,
Would you search for me?
If I may question your faith,
Would you still date me?
If I may carry a Corona,
Would you still bear with me?
If I may suddenly be poor,
Would you turn the chair?
If I may not talk to you,
Would you drive me interested?
If I may meet Juliet,
Would you disclose your presence?
If I may not fulfil your wishes,
Would you run far away?
If I may not regard you,
Would you choose to forgive?
If I may suddenly die,
Would you turn up to someone special?

Let's find a common place to a speacial meet.
Let’s find a common place to meet.

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